New Study Shows Semaglutide (Wegovy) Users Keep Weight Off After 4 Years

A Breakthrough in Obesity Treatment
In a groundbreaking study published in Nature Medicine, researchers have revealed that Wegovy , an injectable medication containing semaglutide, can help people sustain weight loss for up to four years. This finding is a game-changer for individuals struggling with obesity and highlights the long-term benefits of this innovative drug.

The SELECT Trial
The study involved a large-scale, multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial known as the SELECT trial. Participants included 17,604 people from 41 countries who had existing cardiovascular disease and were either overweight or obese but did not have diabetes. The trial aimed to assess both cardiovascular health and weight loss effects of Wegovy.

Weight Loss Trajectories
Here’s what the researchers discovered:

  1. Initial Weight Loss: Participants taking Wegovy experienced steady weight loss over the first 65 weeks (approximately one year and three months) of treatment. However, after this initial period, weight loss tended to plateau.
  2. Sustained Weight Loss: Despite the plateau, the initial weight loss was maintained through 208 weeks (four years) of follow-up. On average, individuals taking Wegovy lost 10.2 percent of their body weight, while the placebo group only lost 1.5 percent. That’s an impressive 8.7 percent treatment difference!
  3. Comparing Trials: Interestingly, this weight loss is slightly less than what was observed in a previous trial in 2021. In that trial, participants on Wegovy lost 14.9 percent of their weight, while the placebo group lost only 2.4 percent. The difference may be due to variations in trial design and participant demographics.

Clinical Significance
The sustained weight loss seen across both sexes and various body sizes and geographic regions is clinically meaningful. Wegovy’s effectiveness over four years provides hope for those struggling with obesity, especially when other weight-loss interventions may fall short.

Heart Health Benefits
Notably, Wegovy also delivers heart health benefits independent of weight loss. In the same SELECT trial, semaglutide reduced the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular-related deaths by 20 percent over a little over three years.

Future Implications
As Wegovy continues to prove its efficacy, it could convince insurers and governments to reimburse patients for this life-changing treatment. The drug’s sustained weight loss and cardiovascular benefits make it a promising option for long-term management of obesity.

In conclusion, Wegovy’s ability to maintain weight loss over four years represents a significant advancement in obesity treatment. As more individuals benefit from this breakthrough medication, we may witness a healthier, happier future for those struggling with excess weight.

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