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Dane Fredericksen graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a Doctorate of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) In 2012. He began his career working in retail pharmacy at CVS and independent pharmacies located throughout California. Working in community pharmacies helped Dane to understand the disparities in healthcare, specifically, how patients would have to be very sick in order to receive treatment and care from their physicians. 

After many years working in retail, Dane transitioned his career to managed care where he worked with insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers such as United Healthcare and Medimpact to review medication prior authorizations and grievances from patients. On a regular basis, Dane would experience the frustration of needing to deny medications for very sick patients simply because their doctor was unable to provide enough information in the short allotted time frame. He also began to see why medication prices are skyrocketing, simply because these insurance companies tack on extra fees and negotiate costs with drug manufacturers.

After spending over 15 years working in the pharmaceutical industry, Dane Fredericksen was ready to address the problems he saw in the industry and decided to open up a new pharmacy that would cut out all the unnecessary costs of third party insurance and pharmacy benefits managers and focus on treating patients before they were too sick. Dane founded Forever Young Pharmacy and it is his goal to provide affordable medications that are safe and effective at preventing and treating common chronic diseases with the potential of improving health and longevity for an individual.

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