Peptide Purity Testing

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Ensuring the purity and strength of peptides is crucial for researchers and pharmaceutical companies. At our facility, we specialize in peptide purity testing using advanced techniques to provide accurate and reliable results.

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Advanced Reversed Phase HPLC Technology

We employ reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to separate and quantify the components in your peptide samples. This sophisticated method allows us to determine the exact purity levels of your peptides, ensuring that you receive precise and trustworthy data.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

After completing the peptide purity testing, we promptly provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). This certificate includes detailed information about the purity and strength of your peptides, which is essential for your records and regulatory compliance. You can expect to receive the CoA within 1-2 business days of submitting your sample.

Why Choose Our Peptide Testing Services?

Our peptide testing services are the most affordable, accurate, and fastest in the market. Trust us to deliver reliable results in no time.

  • Affordable: We guarantee you will not be able to find a better deal for the quality of work done on your samples.
  • Accurate Testing: Our tests are highly precise and reliable, ensuring the best results for your research.
  • Fast Results: We understand the importance of time in research, that’s why we deliver results in record time.
  • Expert Analysis: Our team of experts will provide you with the best analysis and insights for your research.


Do you have a sample report?

Yes, please see the top of this page for an example of the report that is produced.

I have 5 samples to submit, do you provide a discount?

At Forever Young Pharmacy, we give you the absolute best price available without having to jump through hoops of searching for coupons. We are confident that we are providing the best quality services at the most affordable price and are not able to bring our price lower for that reason.

Can I have any leftover sample mailed back to me?

The samples that are submitted to the lab are exposed to various chemical reagents and need to be unsealed to test the products. As a result it is not possible to mail samples back once they are submitted to the lab.

Do you have the instructions for mailing a sample to the lab

Yes, once your request is reviewed by our lab, an e-mail with the instructions for mailing a sample to the lab is e-mailed to you. It is also attached at the top of this page for your convenience.

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